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Best Franchise Award Winner EWIF New Franchisor of the Year 2013
BA Associate EWIF New Franchisor of the Year 2012

bookkeeping franchise

bookkeeping franchise



Want to run your own bookkeeping business?

If you love meeting people , are interested in working with small businesses, want to work from home and be part of a great brand, why not consider running a bookkeeping franchise with Cloud Bookkeeping. As a Cloud Bookkeeper, you will be provided with extensive training and support to ensure that you feel confident and able to run your own successful bookkeeping business. You have the added assurance of workflow templates known as the Prism process™ that will guide you through every bookkeeping assignment, enabling you to deliver a premium service.

Cloud bookkeeping have teamed up with the latest providers of online web based software, including Sage Line 50, to ensure that it is easy and simple for you to run your bookkeeping business from anywhere, as there is no loading of software, all you need is an internet connection, be it at a client’s premises, at your home or even the accountant’s office. Just connect and go! Your VOIP phone system will even allow your business phone extension to be anywhere you want it to be!

With the advantages of our cloud technology platform, it’s easy for you to expand your business by managing a team of outsourced/home based bookkeepers or you may decide to do the bookkeeping yourself. With more and more businesses wanting to keep costs down, outsourcing their bookkeeping to you is the ideal solution and it doesn’t mean the business owner loses control over the figures, they and their accountants can access the bookkeeping transactions whenever they want to, it’s on the cloud!

Running a Cloud Bookkeeping franchise is the ideal way to achieve a work/life balance and as a Cloud Bookkeeping franchisee you can:

  • Be your own boss
  • Build your own successful business whist working from home
  • Enjoy the benefits of flexible hours
  • Rely on a business service that receives recurring income year after year
  • Easily expand your business using our cloud technology and outsourcing solutions
  • Be assured you have the support of a dedicated team passionate about you and your business

Frachisee Case Study

Yvette Taylor

Entrepreneur, Yvette Taylor takes on another business becoming a Cloud Bookkeeping Franchise Owner.

Yvette and her husband, Chris, successfully established their own international online business. However having completed the set up, Yvette found herself with more time on her hands. Being a woman who ‘cannot sit still’ she was looking for a business opportunity that would make best use of her existing skills in dealing with business finances and accounting.

“I felt that with a franchise I could have the confidence and freedom to run our own business, but with the peace of mind in having the support network behind us every step of the way. I looked at a number of bookkeeping franchises but was absolutely sold on Cloud bookkeeping when I met Mandy. I even cancelled the other appointments I had with the other franchisors when I met Mandy as I knew you couldn’t get better than her.”

Yvette & husband

Yvette lives in Takley, a small village near Stanstead airport. She lives with her husband of seven years and business partner, Chris. She enjoys swimming and attending live music concerts, and recently saw Enrique with her niece!

Yvette and Chris set up their own business selling Bio Ethanol fires across the globe. Having established everything from production to distribution, the online business ticks over by itself, leaving Yvette with enough time to take on her next venture. Having been responsible for the bookkeeping for all of her business ventures she has developed a strong understanding of business accounts and decided to explore this sector for a business opportunity.


Yvette has been up and running with her Cloud Bookkeeping business since the end of July and is currently working full time networking at local events and generating new business.

  • Work from home and develop a local client base.
  • Set your working hours around your other commitments
  • Choose to grow a management business with your own team.
  • Low investment, high profit margins, with low overheads.
  • No accountancy or bookkeeping experience required.

Looking forward, Yvette intends on building her bookkeeping franchise into a management business. She has high sights for her business, with her ultimate goal being an Aston Martin!

If you would like more information about Cloud Bookkeeping please call local rate 02031 372 878







Franchise Case Study

Dharam Singh

Fresh out of University and supporting his family, Dharam Singh invests in a Cloud Bookkeeping franchise.

Having always had the dream of working for himself, Dharam had resigned to having to get a few years experience under his belt before he could pursue his vision. However, after meeting Mandy, he decided to start living his dream now!

“I was looking to start my own accountancy business and after researching the opportunities in the accounting industry, I realised Cloud Bookkeeping was the way forward for me. Mandy provided all the support and experience I needed to get going and has been a much needed constant support for me. The training was excellent and has been invaluable already. I like accountancy, and technology, so Cloud Bookkeeping ticked all the boxes and puts me a step ahead of other bookkeepers on the market.”

Dharam and Wife

Dharam has lived in Grays, Essex for six years. He lives with his wife, Sunita and two-year old daughter, Amrita. Dharam likes football and cricket and used to play for a semi-professional football team, East Ham.

Dharam finished his degree in Economics at London Metropolitan University last year. After working in the accounts department for a hotel for just under a year, he decided to invest in a Cloud Bookkeeping franchise. He was looking for the freedom to work at his own pace and the reward of building his own business and generating his own profits.

  • Work from home and develop a local client base.
  • Set your working hours around your other commitments
  • Choose to grow a management business with your own team.
  • Low investment, high profit margins, with low overheads.
  • No accountancy or bookkeeping experience required.

Dharam started his training in June 2011 and within the first 5 weeks of trading was working on over £20,000 worth of business and he hadn’t even started marketing for himself yet. One client was passed on to him from Cloud Bookkeeping head office.

“The training has been brilliant, even after studying for my degree in economics and my experience working in the sector, I learnt so much. Originally I was looking into doing the Institute of Certified Bookkeeping exams but the process was too slow for me; I wanted to get started straight away and Cloud Bookkeeping allowed me to do this.”

If you would like more information about Cloud Bookkeeping please call local rate 02031 372 878

What is a franchise?

The British Franchise Association describes franchising as the following:

Business format franchising is the granting of a license by one person (the franchisor) to another (the franchisee), which entitles the franchisee to trade under the trade mark trade name of the franchisor and to make use of an entire package, comprising all the elements necessary to establish a previously untrained person in the business and to run it with continual assistance on a predetermined basis.

The principle is simple - some companies choose to grow, not by developing in the conventional way, but by granting a license to others to sell their product or service. There are clear advantages to this:

  • You dont have to come up with a new idea - someone else has had it and tested it, too!
  • Good franchisors will offer comprehensive training programmes in sales and indeed all business skills.
  • If aware that you are running a franchise, customers will also understand that you will be offering the best possible value for money and service - although you run your own show, you are part of a much larger organisation.


Who is in Control?

Each business outlet is owned and operated by the franchisee. However, the franchisor retains control over the way in which products and services are marketed and sold, and controls the quality and standards of the business.

What are the Cost Implications?

The franchisor will receive an initial fee from the franchisee, payable at the outset, together with on-going management service fees - usually based on a percentage of annual turnover or mark-ups on supplies. In return, the franchisor has an obligation to support the franchise network, notably with training, product development, advertising, promotional activities and with a specialist range of management services.

Why would I want to become a franchisee of Cloud Bookkeeping? I could have setup my own bookkeeping business.

According to the 2010 NatWest/bfa Franchise Survey, 2009 was a year where more businesses took up franchising as a business model. Brain Smart, director general of the bfa, states The combination of the wider business support, training and economies of scale, with the determination, enterprising nature and local business focus makes franchise businesses a very robust offering. Its been a tough time for businesses across the UK but franchise businesses have clearly shown a high level of stability and made a valuable contribution to the UKs economy in 2009.

Setting up a home run business on your own can be daunting and lonely, the moment you join us as a franchisee of Cloud Bookkeeping, you become part of a team who are passionate about helping you make your bookkeeping business a success.

About us

Cloud Bookkeeping

Cloud Bookkeeping was launched by Mandy Bagot, a chartered certified accountant with 27 years extensive experience setting up bookkeeping systems for businesses, to revolutionise outsourced bookkeeping, using the latest cloud technology with online Sage Line 50 software, so that the most up to date financial information can be assessed by the business owner, the bookkeeper and the accountant, from any location and at the same time, if needed!

Back in 2002, with the ever expanding home working industry, Mandy felt that home based bookkeepers were not been provided with enough support and guidance and so she launched a home based bookkeeping company, incorporating her own devised quality control procedures for its home based bookkeepers to follow. Following on from this, Mandy constantly tested and updated the procedures, and incorporated cloud technology resulting in a workflow system known as the Prism process for home based bookkeepers, which provided the foundations for Cloud Bookkeeping.

Cloud Bookkeeping aims to have a nationwide team of home based bookkeepers, all following the Prism process for bookkeepers. The Prism process is a series of workflow templates and checklists to ensure quality control for home based bookkeepers, from the moment they collect the papers from a business owner, to the way they file the paperwork and generate the reports, right up to the year end pack they deliver to the accountant.

Cloud bookkeepers pride themselves on knowing what accountants expect from a bookkeeper and aim to deliver this and more!

Mandy Bagot

Mandy was always passionate about passing on her knowledge and developing business systems and was given her first senior managerial role at the tender age of 21, when she became the first trainee accountant at John Lewis, Sloane Square. It was at John Lewis that she was given the opportunity to develop her passion for setting up accounting and business systems and was able to use this valuable experience when she settled in public practice, specializing in supporting owner managed businesses. Having qualified in 1991 and after running her own successful companies, she realized she had always built up her companies to run autonomously using her own business models and decided to use this expertise to specialize in franchising in 2009.

Mandy has always believed that to be successful in business you must move with the times, and at the moment with the advancement of cloud technology, she feels there are important changes happening in the modern bookkeeping world and so she has adapted her bookkeeping services to be ready for these great and exciting opportunities, follow the link on

Mandy lives in London with her husband, son and daughter and still plays competitive golf, having won the Middlesex junior championship when she was only 18.

Mandy volunteers as a business mentor to budding young entrepreneurs in the Young Enterprise programme and is on the board of Young Enterprise (Harrow and Brent).

The Market

The market in the UK is large:

More than 2.15 million businesses*

Over 26,000 accountancy practices

With more and more businesses wanting to keep costs down, outsourcing their bookkeeping needs to a Cloud bookkeeper is the ideal solution.

Accountants in practice often outsource to good bookkeepers. Cloud bookkeepers specialise in knowing what accountants in practice expect from a good bookkeeper and we maintain a good working relationship with accountants to ensure continuing referrals.

*registered for VAT/PAYE in 2009, according to The Office for National Statistics.

The support and the team

As a franchisee delivering a home based service led business, you would expect a hands on support programme that needs to be flexible to incorporate a work/life balance.

You will want the relationship between franchisee and franchisor to be as close as the personal touch you deliver as a bookkeeper to your clients.

We deliver this by providing all the necessary training to kick start your business, packaged to your individual needs, starting with an initial training at our London offices and then followed by further bookkeeping and marketing training days spent at your home (your place of work), on a one to one basis.

We will provide on going telephone and email support and regular updates to ensure franchisees stay at the forefront of the bookkeeping industry.

Cloud Bookkeeping is owned and run by a qualified accountant with 27 years experience guiding business owners, supported by a team of management accountants and trainers to deliver the best support to you.

The package

The cost of the franchise is £15,000 plus vat.

The franchise cost includes the following:

  • Licence to use the brand identity
  • Exclusive territory
  • 10 days training (including a manager visiting and helping you at your initial sales meetings)
  • Rights to access the Cloud Bookkeeping online software platform
  • Professional email account set up - enterprise level
  • Personalised web page
  • Letterhead and business cards set up
  • Operations manual
  • Prism process hand book
  • Voip phone number
  • Business launch promotion
  • Promotional material and templates
  • Files, dividers and boxes for your initial clients

Ongoing management fee 10%

Marketing contribution 1%

We have franchisees in various locations, you can check out their pages below:

Uxbridge, Central London, Watford, Wokingham, Woking, Kingston, Reading, Harrow, Newbury, East Ham, Stevenage, Harlow, Romford, Chichester, Portsmouth, Chelmsford, Swindon, Ashford, Warwick